Trusting a business to conduct any sort of renovation or addition to your property can be an intimidating task and requires a lot of attention to detail. As a professional, effective and efficient Awning company we believe there is huge importance in ensuring that you have a thorough understanding, not only of the company you are utilising, but the work that they are going to carry out before you decide to go ahead with your decision.

What exactly do we mean? Well, we believe in a high level of service at all times and like to lead by example so we have decided to put together a number of pointers and tips when it comes to the level of service that you should expect from your Awning company.

Do your research it is always important! Before deciding on which local Awning company to utilise, be sure to look around; do some research (Phone around a bit, there’s nothing wrong with that) and find out which company within your area has a good rating, not only in general but with those close to you as well – first-hand experience is always a great judge of character!

Establish a direct point of contact! As a reputable and well-established Awning company, it is a priority for us to establish a direct point of contact with you for the duration of our time with you.

Once you have established an Awning company of your choice it is vital that you establish a direct point of contact. This person should endeavour to touch base with you at all times throughout the duration of the working period, keeping you up-to-date with your enquiry and work at all times and ensuring that everything is going according to plan and is of a high standard.

It’s time for a meet and greet! As with most professional Awning companies, your point of contact should strive to build a relationship with you in order to ensure that you and your needs are met timeously.

Once your direct point of contact has been established, it is courteous for them to arrange a meeting with you at your property so that they can assess the area. They will have questions regarding your requirements and should be taking some notes. Measurements should be taken, and assessment of the location of the awning should be conducted in order to establish the best material to be utilised and advice on what will work best for you and what you wish to achieve should be offered.

Follow up communication is imperative at this point! Once the property has been assessed and you have expressed your desired outcome to your sales representative, there should then be follow up communication. During this time, they should re-iterate what has been discussed during your meeting; confirming exactly what your quote includes.

It’s time to quote! Once you have confirmed all relevant details and necessities, the sales representative should provide you with a detailed and accurate quotation within 24 -48 hours so that you can establish and confirm the work going forward.

Let’s get to work! As soon as you have approved the quotation and are happy with the work that is going to take place, work should begin within 3-5 working days. It is important that the Awning company work as quickly and efficiently as possible so as not to disrupt you for a long period of time.

From here on out, once all work is complete it is expected that your sales representative or point of contact conducts a follow up visit or inspection whereby they check that the work is done correctly and that you are happy with the services you have received. Leaving you with a magnificently finished product!

As a customer it is important that you receive the best possible service delivery possible. We believe “The customer always comes first,” and constantly strive to provide our clients with a quick turn-around time, top-quality and sophisticated Awnings, meeting your expectations every time.

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