Carport: The Best Thing for your Car!

Each year, the sun is getting hotter and whilst we’re busy relaxing in the pool sipping on our cocktails, our cars are suffering from the effects of the sun. The sun is commonly known for making the paint on the car fade, but it does a whole lot more other than that. Another damaging effect of the sun beaming down onto your car is cracks in the dashboard and seats. Your steering wheel can also show damage in the form of cracks. The sun damages other aspects of your car such as the airbags, belts and hoses within the car.

A carport from Awnmaster offers ultimate projection, whilst having a classic line design and definite clean-cut look. The integrated fascia gutter forms the basis of the design and product uniqueness. Our carports are available in a wide variety of colours and materials. Matching the design of the carport to your home or office block makes the results of installation look even better!

How else can an Awnmaster Carport benefit me?

Having a carport on your property won’t only protect your car from the damaging effects of the sun, it has other beneficial aspects such as a higher property value. Our carports will improve the value of your property as it provides a protective multi-purpose area. We can guarantee a product that will last for many years. Our carports double up as living areas and patios for extended living space. Whether a car, boat, caravan, braai, patio table or fleet of vehicles, we can assist you to find the best cover solution.

Give us a call or visit our webpage and you can find out all there is to Awnmasters carports.