Awnmaster’s Shadeports Division offers a wide range of versatile, functional, aesthetic and cost-effective solutions to protect you and your assets from harsh ultra-violet rays.

Our Shadeports are extremely adaptable and include a number of applications – carports, awnings, walkways, recreation covers, sandpit covers, screens and more. Our UV Ultrablock shade cloth provides up to 96% shade, full protection against hail and partial dryness in light rain. A fully waterproof netting is also available. Awnmaster’s Shadeport designs have been internationally accepted and are currently being exported. Due to their modular design, the packaging and assembling thereof is done with relative ease.

Shadeports ultimately provide you with an aesthetic and cost-effective solution to protect you and your assets from harsh UV rays. Whether you’re installing Shadeports at home or in a corporate/industrial setting, they are a terrific addition. Shadeports are extremely adaptable and include several application options.

Shadeport Specifications

Our shade netting is endorsed by the Cancer Association and made from high density ultra-violet Polyethylene fabric.

All Awnmaster double stitching is carried out with SABS approved 400 Denier monofilament thread which has proved to be more superior than any other thread previously used and which is virtually immune to acids, seawater, ultra-violet rays, fungus, bacteria and fertilisers.

76mm x 2mm (High wind) or 50mm x 2mm (KZN only)

50mm x 2mm

50mm x 2mm (All sections, pipes, bolts and sleeves are hot-dipped galvanised prior to installation)

500mm x 500mm x 600mm and 1m cubed for cantilever design (maximum spec)

Aluminium: I beam (140mm x 50mm x 4mm)

Aluminium: Box beam (150mm x 50mm x 2mm) (85mm x 33mm x 2mm)

Chromodek: Box beam (164mm x 46mm x 0.8mm)

Steel: Lipped channel (Galvanised and powder coated)

Latice Beam: Engineer designed to suit

High-density polyethylene shade cloth – no rotting (guaranteed by manufacturers for eight years) – UV-stabilised – UV protection from 0 – 96% – Water resistant from 0 -100% – Available in a wide range of colours

NOTE: Sizes averaged, subject to design.