Awnings, as we know, have a number of uses and a number of benefits which we’ve seen discussed all too often. This time around we thought we would investigate some more uncommon or surprising uses for Shadeports that are spoken about less often.

Shadeports  ultimately provide you with an aesthetic and cost-effective solution to protect you and your assets from harsh UV rays. Whether you’re installing Shadeports at home or in a corporate or industrial setting, they are a terrific addition to any area. Shadeports are extremely adaptable and include several application options and the Shadecloth used in the production of Shadeports offers up to 96% shade and being waterproof, offer partial dryness in the event of rain or hail, which is why they make such great additions, even in the unlikeliest of scenarios.

One of the most attractive and surprising uses for Shadeports is the ability to Increase business for local businesses that see themselves entertaining or hosting people on a daily basis whether it be at a Restaurant, Driving Range or even a Park, installing a Shadeport will provide you with an increased area of operation for your business meaning you can host more people than before. The aesthetics of an undercover outdoor area is also a great way to encourage more customers and having a Shadeport not only creates an additional shaded area but it also allows you to create a space that is attractive and comfortable for your customers to enjoy – comfort is always a draw card, especially in the Summer months as customers know that they will be protected not only from the heat but any other changes in weather as well.

If you love to entertain people at home on the weekends Shadeports are a fantastic way for you to protect your assets that have found themselves a permanent home outside. For instance, if you have a specific entertainment area outdoors at home where you find yourselves braaiing, playing board games or simply enjoying a drink or two with friends, you are bound to have a braai – potentially a gas one; – some form of outdoor furniture whether it be couches and loungers or a table and chairs; and anything else that is relevant to your style of entertaining. Without the correct coverage, these assets can easily age, fade, rust or incur damages from heavy exposure to sun, rain and winds; or even hail. Shadeports not only provide a great barrier of added and beneficial protection to these assets but they also create a more effective space for you to utilise even when the weather may not be blue skies and sunshine – you’re essentially killing two birds with one stone…

Pets, most people have them and generally worry about them from the moment they leave the house. Fear not, Shadeports are about to become your new best friend. You may be wandering why Pets has been brought into the equation here, well, Shadeports are a wonderful way to ensure your pets are well protected in the event that you are traveling overnight or even just for the day. Installing a Shadeport at home in a vicinity that your pets are often situated will provide you with extra piece of mind as they provide great coverage and protection for your pets should the temperatures suddenly rise and there is a need for a cool, shaded area; or when there is a drop in temperature, a threat of lightening or thunder storms or even hail. Knowing that your pets are well covered in the event of harsh weather or even just whilst you’re away is a relief you’ll be happy to invest in.

Here at Awnmaster we have a wonderful range of Shadeports available to you.  If you have any queries or need any help when it comes to Shadeports, simply fill in our online enquiry form or give us a call directly and we will endeavour to assist.