Summer, a hike in temperature that generally brings a hike in expenses.

Keeping cool during summer can sometimes cost an arm and a leg. We generally make a dash for the store to grab portable fans, ceiling fans, air-conditioners and all sorts to try counteract those long hot summer days.

What if we told you that we could help you SAVE on costs this summer? Yes, you heard right. We want to help you save money this summer by showing you why Awnings are a great way to cut costs and keep your property cool and damage free throughout summer. So, let’s not waste any time! Here are a few practical ways we can incorporate Awnings into our homes to save and reduce costs.

Awnings act as a cooling system: Awnings can deflect hot sun rays away from the house, saving you money on cooling your home and in return decreasing your energy bill by encouraging you to spend less time indoors and more time outdoors enjoying the fresh, summer air as opposed to being cooped up inside with the air-conditioning.

So, you don’t have to spend money on air-conditioning costs this year, rather install an Awning and save the additional costs with a practical and multi-purpose cooling system!

Awnings protect your furniture:  Awnings have a unique ability to filter the amount of incoming light from the sun and its harmful UV rays, helping to prevent your furniture, carpeting or curtains from fading.

Awnings prevent high water usage and costs: Not many people are aware of this but if you install a retractable awning above/over your pool or pool area, not only are you protecting you and your family from harsh rays and sunburn but you are also reducing your water usage and costs.

How might you ask? Well the heat generated by the sun and its harsh UV ray’s aids in the process of evaporation meaning your pool water will decrease quite drastically over the summer months with you having to top it up more than usual.

A retractable Awning will help protect your pool from the sun which in turn will decrease the rate that evaporation takes place as well as your water usage and costs at the same time.

Awnings help prevent damage to concrete or wooden decks and patios: Adding an Awning over your deck or patio will help prevent any damage or degrading from taking place.

Concrete flooring often used for outdoor patios is quite prone to developing cracks from the constant shift in weather patterns. Changes from beautiful summer sunny days to the afternoon thunder showers means a change in temperature and moisture content. These constant changes cause concrete to expand and then shrink causing cracking at an early stage.

By installing an Awning, you can shield your concrete flooring from these drastic changes in weather, reducing the chance of unsightly cracks developing at an early and rapid pace.

Same goes for wooden decks. Persistent moisture exposure and change in temperatures from excessive rains and humidity can create ripe conditions for the growth of mildew, mold or other familiar fungi that feed on wood. By installing an Awning above/over your deck you are protecting then wood from exposure to excessive rain which will reduce its attractiveness to the common fungi we so often find in our homes which means no rot or decay!

If you want to learn more about how installing an Awning can help reduce your costs around the house, get in touch with us today and we’ll be sure to assist!