Do you host parties on your outdoor veranda? Do you have wooden windows that are exposed to the elements? Does your kitchen courtyard suffer from the glaring sun?

Most homes need some form of outdoor cover – for aesthetics, comfort, or protection. An awning is a great choice. Here are four reasons why:

  1. Space saver: A patio or outdoor veranda can be a great place to relax and entertain your guests. However, be it rain or shine, the weather can have a major impact on whether you can use that space. And, if you have any furniture out there, it could be damaged or wear out faster when exposed to rain or harsh sun. An awning can offer much-needed cover – it allows you to enjoy your outdoor space whatever the weather and means you don’t have to take your furniture inside after every use.
  1. Protection is key: An awning can protect your window frames from rain and harsh sun. As most window frames are made from wood, they are at risk of being damaged by weather changes, even if they are regularly varnished. An awning means your frames will last and look better for longer. An added bonus – with an awning in place, you can leave your windows open during a rain storm for fresh air, without worrying that the rain will come into the house.
  1. Light that’s just right: An awning can cut down on the amount of natural light that enters a room. This can be particularly helpful in rooms with TVs, monitors, or computers. Having an awning reduces some of the harsh glare of natural sunlight and means you won’t have to close all the curtains in a room to see the screen. The same goes for heat – window awnings can reduce solar heat gain in the summer by up to 65% on south-facing windows and 77% on west-facing window
  1. Spoilt for choice: Available in different materials and styles, an awning can be an attractive addition to your outdoor space. No need for flimsy umbrellas that provide poor cover or poles that get in the way of your view. Up high, strong, and easy to maintain, an awning could be the perfect solution to your outdoor cover needs.

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