Durban’s rainy season is fast approaching which means that it may be time to check on your gutters, to insure they are properly secured and leaf-free.

You may want to know why your gutters need frequent cleaning and the answer is leaves. Leaves, debris and dirt find their way into your gutters during the other seasons. This build up causes blockages and if the rainfall can’t move freely it can lead to cracks and leaks.

We would like to provide you with some tips and tricks on how to clean and secure your gutters, so to prevent potential damage.

Firstly, you’ll need the right equipment, which includes a ladder, a garden bag, heavy-duty gloves, a hosepipe and a scrubbing brush.

  1. Use your ladder to reach the high up places. It is handy to use the thick towel or a protective layer between the ladder and gutter, so not to cause any damage. If your roof is sturdy enough, then it may be better to conduct your clean from there.
  2. To avoid cuts on your hands, use heavy-duty cloves to make it easy to pull out the contents of the gutter. You may run into metal parts, screws or joints that you cannot see due to the build up.
  3. Before starting in the gutters be sure to sweep any debris or leaves on your roof that may find their way back in the gutter. Make sure you are stable and are aware of your balance at all times, your safety is the number one priority!
  4. Once the roof is clear, begin to scoop out all the leaves and debris with your hands and place them into the bucket or garden bag. It is important to work away from the drain outlet, so not to cause any blockages within the outlet.
  5. Once step 4 is done you should wash the gutters thoroughly using water and the scrubbing brush. Use the hosepipe and face it towards the gutter outlet. Wash down the length of the gutter and make use of the scrubbing brush should there be any dry and encrusted dirt. This process should give you a clear indication of whether your drainpipes are clear and working properly.
  6. If there are obstructions, clear them so the rainwater can move freely. Try flush them out with water or the actual hosepipe itself.

Be sure to monitor them throughout the year. Sometimes it helps to adjust and monitor the slope of the gutters in order to keep running water moving through them freely as opposed to draining too slowly.

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