If you’re trying to give your property a bit of a face lift without spending a fortune on renovations then it’s time for you to consider adding an Awning to your property.

Whether it’s your office or your home, Awnings have some wonderful benefits, all the while giving your property a fresh, new look without the hassle.

When it comes to your home, Awnings are always a great addition if the space allows for it.

Whether it be a permanent or a retractable Awning, they are a great way to give your property additional and usable outdoor space as they provide a considerable amount of shade and coverage, perfect for hosting friends and family – even on those rainy days – all the while giving your kids the opportunity to still enjoy the outdoors all-year-round!

Alongside this, adding an Awning to your property gives it a refreshing face lift, much like if you had to conduct major renovations, although this addition to your property is not as stressful as renovations, no mess, and no fuss.

Adding an Awning to your property you can ultimately save money in other areas of your living expenses. Awnings are great for creating shady areas that block the solar gain and UV radiation that is generally absorbed by your building meaning you can reduce time and money needed to cool your property down, now that’s a great benefit don’t you think?

Lastly, one of the biggest benefits is the value that an Awning can add to the re-sale value of your house; over and above adding to the aesthetics of the house and the visual aspect as well as functional aspects, Awnings are a great way to increase the value of your house should you wish to relocate or move in the near future.

Sound good? Let’s take a look at the benefits of adding an Awning to your office or business premises…

When it comes to your business or office building/property, Awnings can add tremendous value to your brand.

Not only do they provide you with extra, usable outdoor space, but they create additional and unique branding opportunities and after all, who doesn’t want to increase brand awareness?

Leading on from this, Awnings can be great, eye-catching additions for both your employees as well as your clients. Host you next client meeting or staff meeting outside under the awning for a change of scenery and some fresh air or allow your staff the opportunity to get some work done outside – the fresh air is great for productivity and creativity.

Lastly, adding an Awning to your office property or premises – much like they do for residential properties – help to lower costs as they block the solar gain and UV radiation that is absorbed by buildings. This could introduce some energy saving into your office as well as reducing electricity costs as there is no need to run the aircon as much with a fixed awning in the correct place. Did we mention the extra space available to restaurateurs? Add an Awning to your premises and enjoy the additional income of patrons who are fond of alfresco dining.

All in all, we think Awnings prove to be great additions to ANY buildings no matter the nature. They provide a number of wonderful benefits in an array of areas and can improve conditions drastically without any major costs involved.

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